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  • Adams, R.J.Q.. (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara 1972; University Distinguished Professor and Patricia & Bookman Peters Professor of History) Modern Britain
  • Alonzo, Armando (Ph.D., Indiana University 1991; assoc. prof.) Mexican American, Texas, and Spanish borderlands history
  • Alpern, Sara (Ph.D., University of Maryland 1978, assoc. prof.) American social/intellectual history; American women
  • Anderson, Terry H. (Ph.D., Indiana University 1978; prof. & Cornerstone Faculty Fellow) Modern U.S.
  • Bickham, Troy (D.Phil., University of Oxford 2001; prof.) Atlantic world, Britain and its empire, early American
  • Blanton, Carlos (Ph.D., Rice University 1999; assoc. prof.) Latino/a, U.S., and Texas
  • Bouton, Cynthia A. (Ph.D., State Univ. of New York, Binghamton 1985; prof.) French history, European women and gender, European social history, Atlantic history, Revolutions
  • Bradford, James C. Ph.D., University of Virginia 1976; prof.) Naval and maritime history; American Revolution and early U.S.
  • Brooks, Charles E. (Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo 1988; assoc. prof.) Early U.S.
  • Broussard, Albert S. (Ph.D., Duke University 1977; prof.) Afro-American History
  • Buenger, Walter L. (Ph.D., Rice University 1979; prof.) Texas and the U.S. South
  • Cobbs, Elizabeth (Ph.D., Stanford University 1988; prof.) American History, Foreign Relations
  • Coopersmith, Jonathan (D.Phil., University of Oxford 1985; assoc. prof.) History of technology; Russia and the Soviet Union
  • Dawson, Joseph G. (Ph.D., Louisiana State University 1978; prof) U.S. Military History, and the U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Dror, Olga (Ph.D., Cornell University 2003, assoc. prof.) Modern East Asia and Vietnam
  • Dunlap, Thomas (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1975; prof.) Environmental history
  • Dunning, Chester S. L. (Ph.D., Boston College 1976; prof.) Russia and early modern Europe
  • Emre, Side (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2009; asst. prof.) Islamic history
  • Foote, Lorien (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1999; prof.) War and Society, 19th-century U.S.
  • Haefeli, Evan (Ph.D., Princeton 2000; assoc. prof.) Atlantic World
  • Hatfield, April (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 1998; assoc. prof.) Early America, Atlantic world, and Caribbean
  • Hernandez, Sonia (Ph.D., University of Houston 2006; assoc. prof.) U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, Chicana/o, gender and labor, Modern Mexico
  • Hinojosa, Felipe (Ph.D., University of Houston 2009; asst. prof.) Latina/o-Chicana/o, Religion
  • Hudson, Angela P. (Ph.D., Yale University 2007; assoc. prof), American Indian history and U.S. South
  • Hudson, David (Ph.D., Texas A&M University 1998; instr. assoc. prof.) Britain and Ireland
  • Johnson, Violet Showers (Ph.D., Boston College 1992; prof.) US race, ethnicity and immigration history; Africa; and the African Diaspora
  • Kamphoefner, Walter (Ph.D., University of Missouri 1978; prof.) 19th-century U.S., American immigration, urban, and quantitative methods
  • Kim, Hoi-eun (Ph.D., Harvard University 2006; assoc. prof.) Modern Germany, Modern Japan, History of Medicine, History of Pharmaceuticals, German-Japanese Relations
  • Kirkendall, Andrew (Ph.D., University of North Carolina 1996, prof.) Latin America, Brazil, and inter-American relations
  • Krammer, Arnold (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1970; prof.) modern Europe, modern Germany, Third Reich, and the Holocaust
  • Lenihan, John H. (Ph.D. University of Maryland 1976; assoc. prof.) Modern U.S.; cultural and intellectual history
  • Linn, Brian M. (Ph.D., Ohio State University 1985; Ralph R. Thomas Professor in Liberal Arts) Military history, War and Society
  • Livesay, Harold C. (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins 1970; prof.) U.S. and business and economic history
  • Obadele-Starks, Ernest (Ph.D. University of Houston 1996; prof.) African-American and labor history
  • Parker, Jason C. (Ph.D., University of Florida 2002; assoc. prof.) U.S. foreign relations and modern U.S.
  • Ramos, Lisa Y. (Ph.D., Columbia University 2008; asst. prof.) American Southwest
  • Reese, Roger R. (Ph.D., University of Texas 1990; prof.) Social and military history of the Soviet Union
  • Resch, Robert P. (Ph.D., University of California, Davis 1985; assoc. prof.) European and intellectual history
  • Rosenheim, James M. (Ph.D., Princeton University 1981; prof.) Early modern Britain; gender
  • Rouleau, Brian (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2010; asst. prof.) Atlantic World, U.S. in the world, nineteenth-century U.S.
  • Schloss, Rebecca (Ph.D., Duke University 2003; assoc. prof.) Atlantic World, Caribbean, and France
  • Schwartz, Daniel L. (Ph.D., Princeton University, 2009; asst. prof.) Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages
  • Seipp, Adam (Ph.D., University of North Carolina 2005; assoc. prof.) European war and society, Germany, and transnational history
  • Smith, Philip (Ph.D., Texas A&M University 2007; instr. asst. prof.)
  • Stranges, Anthony N. (Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison 1977; assoc. prof.) U.S. and history of science
  • Unterman, Katherine (Ph.D., Yale 2011; asst. prof.) 19th Century U.S., American foreign relations, legal history
  • Vaught, David (Ph.D., University of California, Davis 1997; prof.) U.S. Agriculture, labor; the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era
  • Wang, Di (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 1999; prof.) Social and cultural history of modern China
  • Wood, Julia Erin (Ph.D., Yale 2011; asst. prof.) 20th Century U.S., post-emancipation African American history, transnational U.S. history
  • Yarak, Larry W. (Ph.D., Northwestern University 1983, assoc. prof.) Africa; comparative history of slavery

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