Chicano/Latino History

We understand Chicano/Latino history as the study of people of Latin American descent throughout the Americas.  While “Chicano” and “Latino” are constructs born out of social and political struggle in the United States, these categories for us represent people whose lives often cross national boundaries and cultural contexts, creating complex notions of identity, belonging, labor, politics, and place.  Latino experiences in the Americas are also inextricably bound to the human encounters that characterized the emergence of a new Atlantic World in the late 15th century.  We are scholars whose research focuses on the Spanish colonial period, the Latin American national period, modern Latin American history, and Latino history in the United States.  Chicano/Latino histories are not marginal fields.  They represent the growing emphasis on a diversity of people, place, and historical imagination within the academy, and complicate older historical narratives.  With several historians who specialize in Chicana/o history and others who examine the broader, global Latina/o experience, this cluster constitutes one of the few history department spaces that can offer such an ideal, comprehensive lens for studying the group fueling the present and future growth of Texas and the United States.  We welcome inquiries from prospective graduate students on this important topic of study. 

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